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We dedicate our work not only to fulfill our clients' need, but to exceed their expectations. And to serve our clients with patience, understanding, and professionalism from the team of Scott Carpenter.


Scott Carpenter Designs and Interiors is based in Charlotte, North Carolina and our projects are featured across North America and abroad. Our winning interior designs are published among numerous luxurious and renowned press and magazines. In S.C. Designs, we offer various venues: residential, commercial, jets, yachts and beyond. We adopt tailored-made approach and decision to each design project by paying close attention to every detail and viewing every design as a unique masterpiece. Mr. Carpenter and our team are extremely approachable. Our friendly demeanor sets the stage for a special design engagement with every client. 

"A design accent that really is a one-of-a-kind"


- Adam Rhew,  Charlotte Home & Design (Home + Garden)

"A Quiet Force"


- Sunny Hubler, The Quintessential Charlotte Magazine (QC)

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